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Get all time support for emergency.We have introduced the principle of family medicine.

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Get all time support for emergency.We have introduced the principle of family medicine.Get Conneted with us for any urgency .

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With over 24 years of experience in post-acute care, proven accomplishment in management, administration and operations of large multi-level health care facilities. Expert in the continuum of care, and known for excellence in quality assurance and improvement programs.Utilized effective communication, analytical, prioritization and interpersonal skills to transform and improve patient care.


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AMD Health care coordination is indispensable in providing

The patients and their families with the vital information, resources, and education to support complex chronic disease management. Transitional Health Care Coordination Team The Team of Physicians, Nurse Practioners, Nurses, Pharmacists, Social Workers, Etc. Will coordinate your * Medical Needs * Medications * Physicians Follow Up * Disease Education * Medical Records

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We served over 5000+ Patients

Amazing service!


Angel thanks for all you do and all the service you give

good one!


Aloha many thanks stay well take care

Nice Environment!


Miss Fran Katsoris has not been out of her house to do anything besides go to doctors appointments in almost 3 years we took her to breakfast this morning! And she wanted me to thank all of the angels that I’ve helped her to get a new doctor and be seen by cardiologist later this month things that she has not been able to get done AMD healthcare was able to get that done for her thank you all for everything that you do!

Modern Service!

Lucila Garcia Trinidad

“Shawna Cook, with AMD has been like an Angel to me. She has helped me so much. She cares about me and helps me with my health and my life. She always answers my questions and tells me the things that I need to know. She also helps to explain things so that I can understand them. She always has my best interest at heart. She is there when I need her, she helps me, and is always there for me. Bianca has also been a special help to me. She has helped me by listening to me and being there for me.”

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